Daniel Benaim

Daniel Benaim is a freelance journalist and a graduate student at The Fletcher School at Tufts.

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Recuse Or Refuse?

Harriet Miers' supporters have often pointed to her understanding of the Bush administration's priorities as one of her strong suits. One prominent religious conservative even claimed that "if Harriet Miers didn't rule the way George W. Bush thought she would, he would see that as an act of betrayal and so would she." But Harriet Miers' professional collaboration with the president -- and the secrecy surrounding it -- is also a cause for concern. Her roles as personal lawyer and White House staff secretary raise a series of unanswered legal questions about what kinds of cases Miers is unfit to judge. The White House papers with the answers are hidden behind a shield of executive privilege, and Miers' own vague answers on a recent questionnaire have left the public and the Senate completely in the dark. When a Senate questionnaire recently asked Miers to discuss how she might respond to conflicts of interest arising from her government service, she dodged the question. Miers simply...