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Daniel Strauss is a summer 2008 Prospect editorial intern.

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Fighting Terrorism With Education

TAP talks to Sam Carpenter, founder of Kashmir Family Aid, which fights poverty and extremism by building schools in Kashmir.

Kashmir Family Aid is an Oregon-based nonprofit founded by author and telecommunications executive Sam Carpenter. The group funds secular schools in the Kashmir region in an attempt to combat poverty and, thereby, reduce the number of people from the region entering violent radical groups. TAP spoke with Carpenter about his goals and role in the region. Daniel Strauss: How will secular education counter terrorism? Sam Carpenter: What I found was [that] there's three types of schools. There's public schools provided by the government and private schools -- somewhat secular schools that are funded by regular folks over there -- and it's about a 50-50 split. Let me talk about what's taught in those schools: English, math, science, and a reasonable amount of history, and they have textbooks and the whole thing. But there's another kind of school over there, which I'm certain you've heard of, called a Madrassa, and these are religious schools. The estimates are between fifteen- and twenty-...


So what was with that whole green background during McCain 's speech last night? Josh Marshall 's readers at TPM found that the background was the lawn of one Walter Reed Middle School in Los Angeles' North Hollywood neighborhood which further raises the question 'Was it supposed to be Walter Reed Hospital?' The middle school's name may just be a coincidence since the school has made cameos in both tv shows and movies including: Head of the Class Growing Pains 7th Heaven CSI Malcom in the Middle Transformers Joe Dirt License to Drive The Shaggy Dog Little Big Men Accepted Tell Me You Love Me Maybe the McCain Campaign meant to show the Middle School to get the hollywood tv and film producer vote...? --Daniel Strauss


It's getting hard for a political journalist to keep track of all the scandals surrounding Sarah Palin -- and she's only been John McCain 's VP pick for six days! Here's a list, though I can't promise it'll still be accurate by the time you read it: Palin, who based her political career on ethics and touted her opposition to earmarks in her first speech with McCain on Friday, presided, as mayor of Wasilla Alaska, over an aggressive attempt to attract earmarks -- including three that made it onto McCain's annual "pork list." Palin falsely claimed to have opposed Alaska’s bridge to nowhere. Turns out at first she was for it before she was against it. Palin bills herself as a reformer, but she was closely linked to now-indicted Sen. Ted Stevens who himself is embroiled in scandal -- including running his 527. Not so long ago, Palin publicly stated, very clearly, that she had no idea what the vice president does. Palin was also associated with a group that wants Alaska to secede...


Which potential GOP VP would be a good counter to Biden ? Politico has an interesting article assessing each of McCain 's vice presidential prospects. The article recognizes the strengths and weaknesses (mainly weaknesses) of Mitt Romney ( too rich -- together Romney and McCain are worth $35 million), Joe Lieberman (too Democratic and he's worked closely with Biden on labor issues and abortion rights), and Tom Ridge (an advocate of abortion rights, and he's got some questionable lobbyist ties). That leaves Tim Pawlenty , who Politico portrays as a walking talking-point -- incapable of doing anything but spouting Bush Administration rhetoric. When you compare that to the others Pawlenty sounds like the best choice. But he's still a weak candidate -- he's young and inexperienced compared to Biden which undermines the experience contrast Republicans are trying to draw between Obama and McCain. It would seem a little hypocritical to make the opposite argument for the vice president. And...


At The Corner, Andy McCarthy not so subtly implies that the Russia-Georgia conflict is Obama 's fault: I suppose if we are thinking about turning our country over to the second Carter term — or the first McGovern — it shouldn't surprise anyone to see Russia go into its Afghanistan mode ... or Czechoslovakia ... or Hungary ... or (as Roger reminds us) Georgia. Whoa there, cowboy. I think what McCarthy is suggesting is that Obama's "weakness" encourages Cold War style aggression from Russia. But earth to The Corner (I know, they're far apart from one another) -- BHO hasn't been elected yet. And as Sam pointed out earlier, Obama's diplomacy-focused position on Georgia is basically indistinguishable from President Bush 's. No one would accuse Bush of fostering a Carter-esque foreign policy regime. --Daniel Strauss...