David Barringer

David Barringer, a writer and designer, has published four collections of short fiction and a book-length essay, "American Mutt Barks in the Yard," in Emigre 68. As a freelance journalist, he has written for Playboy,
Details, and the American Bar Association Journal. His most recent book, Johnny Red, will be published by Word Riot Press in October 2005.

Recent Articles

The New Urban Gamble

Does the Carnival City model--with its casinos, stadiums, and convention centers--promise to revitalize cities? Or is it a misguided use of public investment?

City Prospects It has long been a paradox: deteriorating central cities even in growing Metropolitan regions. In this issue, we begin a series on cities with two articles that question the conventional wisdom on what are assumed to be the bright and dark sides of the urban landscape: new stadums and casinos conceived as attractions for new business, and public housing projects widely thought ripe for demolition. In coming issues : the changing geography, architecture, and politics of the American city. Are wealthy team owners holding citites hostage by demanding—and often receiving— huge public subsidies for the construction of posh stadiums whose economic benefits accrue mainly to players and to the owners themselves? Or as the owners would have it, do the direct and indirect benefits to the surrounding community of subsidizing a professional sports stadium more than justify its costs? See " Skyboxed In ," by Amy D. Burke. W hen it comes to abject poverty, few cities...