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David Fine, a former assistant editor at the Prospect and former manager of the Electronic Policy Network, is now a freelance writer.

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Grassroots Medicine

The federal government has agreed to study the medicinal use of marijuana. But there's already lots of evidence that the administration seems to be doing its best to ignore.

F or several decades, researchers have sought to determine whether marijuana has legitimate medical uses, and narcotics control agencies have discouraged them from finding out. Now a new round of federally funded research may provide some answers—or will it? The latest skirmish between scientists and police comes on the heels of two popular referenda, in California and Arizona, legalizing the medical use of marijuana. But since it remains a federal crime to grow, sell, or prescribe cannabis, the referenda have created only a legal morass. see related resources below Barry McCaffrey, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, derided the propositions as "hoax referendums," and insisted that voters had been "duped" by deceitful ad campaigns whose real intent was to legalize drugs. Attorney General Janet Reno announced that prescribing or recommending marijuana was still a violation of federal law, and that any doctors who did so could be prosecuted and...