David Godfrey

David Godfrey is executive director of the nonprofit Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC). Based in Gainesville, Florida, CCC is the oldest sea-turtle research and protection group in the world.

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Florida's Sea Turtles Besieged

Time is running out to make the sort of policy changes needed to ensure the long-term protection and sustainability of Florida's beaches -- for the well-being of sea turtles and people.

Seven species of sea turtles inhabit the world's oceans. These air-breathing reptiles have survived virtually unchanged for 200 million years. Sea turtles are unique among marine animals because they must return to land to reproduce; they lay their eggs on tropical, sandy shores. These amazing animals have outlived the dinosaurs, yet now they are threatened with extinction due to the actions of humans. Nowhere are the threats to their survival more evident than on Florida's beaches. Florida hosts more sea-turtle nesting than anywhere else in the continental United States. The Western Hemisphere's largest colony of loggerhead turtles nests on Florida's coast, along with large numbers of green and leatherback turtles. But Florida's beaches are in trouble -- from poorly sited coastal development, sea-wall construction, repetitive beach nourishment, increasingly strong storms, and rising sea levels. Sixty percent of Florida's beaches are eroding, and 46 percent are "critically eroding,"...