David Popenoe

David Popenoe is a professor of sociology at Rutgers University and the author of Life Without Father (Free Press).

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Controversy: Family Trouble

Continuing the debate from " Family Feud ," July-August 1997 and " Family Values: The Sequel ," May-June 1997. BARBARA DAFOE WHITEHEAD I n a review essay that purports to include my book, The Divorce Culture , Arlene Skolnick ignores what the book actually says. Instead, she falsely ascribes to me things I have never written. Let me begin with some of her many errors and misrepresentations. Then I will draw on my own argument, since it reveals the weaknesses in her view of how liberals should think about family structure changes. I have never written: "fatherlessness is the number one domestic problem facing the country because it drives all the rest." I do not point to the vulnerabilities of single-parent families as signs of their "moral failings." I do not argue for making alternatives to two-parent biological families socially unacceptable and practically difficult. I do not use "horror stories" about divorce. I do have files of touching letters from children of divorce, but I use...