Dimitry Anastakis

Dimitry Anastakis teaches history at Trent University in Canada and was a Fulbright visiting scholar at Michigan State University in 2003.

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O Scandalous

For many Americans, Canada has become biggest Blue State of them all. Long known for its liberal views on social issues, strong welfare state, and internationalist foreign policies, Canada has lately solidified its reputation as a North American “Mini-Me” of Scandinavian social democracy. Since 2003, when The Economist proclaimed it “Cool Canada,” the country ratified the Kyoto Protocol; refused to join President George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq; and effectively legalized same-sex marriage. In the wake of another Republican triumph in 2004, a map widely circulated on the Internet divided North America into a Red State Republican “Jesusland” and “United States of Canada.” Politically, the two countries seem to be going in opposite directions. Unlike Republicans, Canadian conservatives have been in the political wilderness for two decades. Conservatives have not won an election since 1988. The last nominally conservative party, the deeply...