Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore is managing editor of The Democratic Strategist and the principal blogger for Washington Monthly's Political Animal blog. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy institute. Earlier, he worked for three governors and a U.S. Senator.

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The Outlook for 2018 and 2020

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, with, from left, Representative John Yarmuth, Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Representative Barbara Lee, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, and Senator Chris Van Hollen speak to reporters about President Donald Trump's first 100 days, during a news conference on Capitol Hill. wwc_homepage_logo-3.jpg The basic political context for the discussion about white working class voters is the urgent challenge of the 2018 and 2020 elections. These elections will determine whether the horrendous outcome of the 2016 elections represented a wake-up call for progressives, or a nightmare that has only just begun. If Democrats do not make significant gains in the states in these two elections, Republicans will dominate another decennial round of redistricting that could place not only state legislatures but also the U.S. House out of reach until 2032. The odds of Republicans earning a “lock” on the House go up even...

Ain't No Easy Code

Last week, in the middle of a Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) training trip for state and local elected officials that took me from Alabama to Colorado to Vermont, I was forwarded an e-mail from David Sirota, who works for the Center for American Progress. Sirota's cover note said: "As the [Democratic National Committee (DNC)] meets this weekend to vet candidates for chairman, I wanted to pass on this piece slated for the cover of the upcoming edition of The American Prospect . It delves into how, under the blathering of pundits and operatives, various 'red state' and 'red region' Democrats are already showing the party how to win in conservative areas. The key is to fundamentally reject the corporate/DLC argument -- and follow those who continue to win with a progressive populist message .” [emphasis in the original] "Here we go again," I thought, and then read the piece ( "The Democrats' Da Vinci Code" ), which combined some interesting observations on Brian Schweitzer's...