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See You Next Year!

The Prospect is closed between Christmas and New Year's, so expect our posting to be a bit slower than normal over the coming week. But Patrick Caldwell will still be filling us in on what's going on in Iowa about a week out from the caucuses, so drop in to see how the GOP primary race is shaping up.

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Live Coverage of Zuccotti Park Raid

Livestream News From the Ground View the story "Live Coverage of Zuccotti Park Raid" on Storify ]

Occupy Oakland

Each week, the Prospect will be profiling a different "Occupy Wall Street" protest across the country. This week: Oakland. Slideshow Occupy Oakland Encampment Over Time Organizers of Occupy Oakland called for a general strike Nov. 2 as a move against the one percent. Protesters expected thousands to march in solidarity with the group. The bay area's protest has been marked by violent clashes with police resulting in the critical injury of Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen, 24.