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Eliza Newlin Carney is the Prospect's senior editor. Matt Leistra is an editorial intern at the Prospect.

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Q&A: Democrats Must Deliver an Economic Message

These pollsters say Democrats must boil their menu of economic policies down to the kind of simple slogan that advertisers call a “reason to believe.”

AP Photo/Branden Camp
AP Photo/Branden Camp DNC Chair Tom Perez speaks during the general session of the DNC winter meeting in Atlanta. F or years, Democratic pollsters Allan and Sheri Rivlin have been arguing that the reason their party has been losing power is that Democrats lack a clear, compelling economic message. After last year’s populist revolt installed Donald Trump in the White House, the Rivlins found a fresh audience for their research. They’ve been meeting with Democrats around town to share a PowerPoint presentation that diagnoses the problem, and outlines a solution. Democrats agree on a long list of policies, the two pollsters argue, but must boil these down to something catchy and concise that voters can understand. They want Democrats to set up a process to distill the various policies emerging from the party’s power centers, and formulate a single, simple economic message. As a starting point, they’ve spelled out several potential messages involving innovation, job creation, economic...