Eric Pooley

Eric Pooley is the senior vice president for strategy and communications at the Environmental Defense Fund and the author of The Climate War: True Believers, Power Brokers, and the Fight to Save the Earth (Hyperion).

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A Rich History and a Strange Reticence

Daniel Yergen's long-awaited follow-up to The Prize tells a ripping tale of the global energy complex, but it waffles when considering alternatives to fossil fuels.

THE QUEST: ENERGY, SECURITY, AND THE REMAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD BY DANIEL YERGIN, Penguin Press, 804 pages, $37.95 In the 1950s, a cantankerous earth scientist named Marion King Hubbert rose to prominence at Shell Oil and later at the U.S. Geological Survey. Hubbert was an unforgettable human being -- one colleague called him "the most difficult person I ever worked with" -- who loathed politicians and economists, looked forward to the collapse of American democracy, and thought technocrats such as himself should rule the world. He was also undeniably brilliant. In 1957, Hubbert published a seminal paper on the mechanics of hydraulic fracturing, the drilling technology now being used to tap vast, previously unreachable deposits of natural gas trapped in shale formations, especially beneath Texas, Oklahoma, the mid-Atlantic, and the Northeast. A year before, happily playing the skunk at the picnic of an American Petroleum Institute meeting in San Antonio, he delivered a speech...