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Ezra Klein is a former Prospect writer and current editor-in-chief at Vox. His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Guardian, The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Slate, and The Columbia Journalism Review. He's been a commentator on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and more.

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Doctor Said What?

Do we really need a Senate majority Leader saying things like this? "I can play hardball as well as anybody," he said, unprompted, at the end of a recent interview. "That's what I did, cut people's hearts out. On the other hand, I do it to cure them, to heal them, to make them better." Weirdo. When he starts comparing us to cats, it's time to call the police.

Did Summers get Screwed?

Zoe Vanderwolk has emerged out of retirement to defend Larry Summers. I'd do some quoting but her comments really deserve to be read in full, they're the best I've seen on the issue in weeks. Worth noting is that Zoe is a female statistics major at Harvard, if she wasn't around to weigh in on this, some newspaper somewhere would have to invent her. Anyway, go read .

Let's Get Ready to Ruuummbleee

Dean's got it . That, at least, is how it looks, with the only potential obstacle being some bizarre Fowler-led revolution, which I'm just not seeing. Beyond the race and into the reactions, Pelosi and Reid would probably do well to refrain from kneecapping the party's titular head just days before the votes come in. He's clearly got the loyalty of the party's base and, during the primary, attracted significant support. So comments like these are neither truthful nor helpful: "I think that Governor Dean would take his lead from us," said Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House Democratic leader. And Mr. Reid said: "The Democratic chairman has a constituency of 447 people. Our constituency is much larger than that." Circular firing squads says what? Also , Tapped has a roundtable on the Doctor's potential chairmanship, and they bring the optimism . Garance Franke-Ruta, however, brings the reporting , and underscores Dean's need for a good manager behind him. Paging Simon...

Free Mags?

My inbox, on any given day, contains The Nation advisory, a dispatch from The Boston Review , and a host of link requests and post pointers. And I love and honor them all. But I'm surprised that my mailbox doesn't contain the same. I know, for instance, that The Washington Monthly sends each issue to every Senator, Congressman and major media personality in the hopes that their coverage will influence the influencers and receive a more visible perch in the wider debate. So I'm surprised that The Monthly and it's competitors aren't showering bloggers in issues, especially considering that our whole game is trolling for interesting and/or provocative reporting that we can use to fuel our writings. If TNR really is serious about attracting subscribers to TNR Digital, wouldn't it make sense to let a few publicizers inside their gates so the locked articles can be teased to a wider audience? My self-interest aside (and with my list of magazine subscriptions, this shift wouldn't help me for...

The "For Something" Trap

I'm rapidly losing patience with the "Dems need to stand for something" trope, the one usually offered by kindly conservatives in the context of well-meaning advice. This week, the guidance was proffered by QandO's Dale Franks , and it's springboard is a Christian Science Monitor editorial that worries itself sick over the Reid-led move towards opposition party. The criticism follows the usual trajectory, a graceful arc from sadness over the failing opposition party to invocation of the now-unemployed Tom Daschle who, the writer predictably writes, would be glad to tell you how well this opposition party stuff works out. Too bad such a fun to write post is so intellectually bankrupt. Tom came from a crimson state that voted for President Bush in overwhelming numbers, so maybe if you're from Dubya country you might not want to be the nation's highest profile opponent of his policies. And I'm sure that's exactly what he'd tell you if you went to his door and asked, rather than simply...