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Ezra Klein is a former Prospect writer and current editor-in-chief at Vox. His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Guardian, The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Slate, and The Columbia Journalism Review. He's been a commentator on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and more.

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Backs Patted, Arms Tired

Jack Shafer's decided to take on the dicks who tout the blogs and I, as a blogger, could not agree more: When the Times' Abramson asked rhetorically if the conference bloggers had any idea how much it cost to maintain a news bureau in Baghdad, the supreme confidence of a couple of bloggers fractured into petty defensiveness. "That's a silly question!" snapped Winer. "Asking bloggers what this costs is silly. If you want to tell us what it costs, that's fine. ... But there are bloggers in Baghdad! That's your competition; that's what you have to deal with." Moments later, Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine criticized the Times for missing an antiterrorism demonstration in Baghdad that an Iraqi blogger photographed and posted. The Times ignored this story, Jarvis claimed, because it ghettoizes news gatherers who aren't professionals. Abramson shook her head as he spoke. "We're not trying to ghettoize anyone," Abramson said. "So why did you shake your head!?" the ordinarily composed Jarvis...

Speak It, Brother

Clinton has some wise words on Iran: He called Iran a far more formidable foe than Saddam Hussein's Iraq and a "perplexing" country split between "two governments": a hard-core minority that controls security forces and a reformist, pro-Western majority. A hasty and bloody military strike might alienate that majority , he said. "We ought not to do any [military action] until we have exhausted all reasonable diplomatic efforts," Clinton said, describing the main danger of a nuclear Iran as the potential transfer of nuclear materials to terrorists. "Deterrence still works, just like it did between us and the Soviet Union. So if Iran had a nuclear weapon, the main thing it would do is cast a pall over the Middle East. But they'd have to think a long time before they used it, because they'd be toast if they used it." Sadly, we've already alienated that majority, and most others, with a hasty and bloody military strike in Iraq. But Bill's right, we'd be better off not doing it twice.

The Whine and Cry Faction

So Republicans are complaining that Times piece on Chile's privatize Social Security system was biased against privatization. They're shrieking about robocalls telling constituents that so-and-so wants to privatize Social Security. They're picking up, abandoning and then demonizing terms so quick that copy editors are left in the corner with a martini and tears. Does it seem to anyone else like they've already lost this fight?

Swift Vets for Electoral Gain

Jerome Corsi, coauthor of the SwiftVets book, is moving to Massachusetts to challenge Kerry in 2008. And I can't imagine how sweet it will feel for Kerry when he electorally crushes this lying carpetbagger.

Bayh The Way

Evan Bayh voted against Rice? Seriously? He might as well have printed up "Bayh '08!" stickers and plastered the Senate podium with them. You know who's not running? Lieberman. His argument that Rice's great virtue is "the world knows she has the President's trust and confidence" is severely lacking in Joementu . What if we started nominating people who simply inspired trust and confidence, rather than showing their virtues to a select few? Wouldn't that just work better all around? And what if we, speaking as a party now, started challenging those who long ago ceased inspiring trust and confidence in us? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea . P.S -- Sorry for the awful, awful, pun.