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Ezra Klein is a former Prospect writer and current editor-in-chief at Vox. His work has appeared in the LA Times, The Guardian, The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Slate, and The Columbia Journalism Review. He's been a commentator on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and more.

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Dude -- It's Over

I love this post . It's perfect.

Duck Hunt

Nicholas Thompson's case for Chief Justice Scalia is persuasive, but a tad optimistic. While I agree that, given Scalia's predictability, intelligence, and symbolic value to the right, we'd benefit from a trade that put him in Rehnquist's place and filled his vacancy with a moderate, what in Bush's history or character makes Nick think such a trade is even within the realm of possibility? Is there any evidence that Bush is a political moderate held hostage by his association with the Christian Right? Is there any evidence that the Republican-held Senate won't vote to confirm a conservative nominee? Is there any evidence that Bush, having made this deal, wouldn't immediately renege on it or define "moderate" as arch-conservative? Far as I can tell, there isn't. Now, I support nominating Scalia for Chief Justice. He's a lightning rod with questionable ethics and and reams of extremist public statements, all atop a singularly unappealing public persona. So let's have that confirmation...

Ding, Dong

Doug Feith has quit . Oh happy day! The prime incompetent amid a sea of pretenders, he distinguished himself as an omnipresent voice for incompetence, playing a crucial part in fucking up of the invasion, and occupation, of Iraq. To quote Suellentrop: Of all the revelations that have surfaced about the Abu Ghraib prison-abuse scandal so far, the least surprising is that Douglas Feith may be partly responsible. Not a single Iraq war screw-up has gone by without someone tagging Feith—who, as the Defense Department's undersecretary for policy, is the Pentagon's No. 3 civilian, after Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz—as the guy to blame. Feith, who ranks with Wolfowitz in purity of neoconservative fervor, has turned out to be Michael Dukakis in reverse: ideology without competence. Should be getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom any day now...

At Least Give Us An Abacus

So, as Jesse finds out, the Cato and Heritage Social Security calculators are totally misleading. But the real question is, why don't liberal organizations have similar, albeit less lie-filled, calculators online? Why isn't the DNC hitting their list with a calculator letting them see what the Bush plan could do to their retirement? Why isn't Kerry e-mailing the world with his progressive-themed java applets? I mean, not to pick on anyone, but CAP doesn't even mention Social Security on their front page! The Heritage Foundation, in contrast, has it (along with their !@*!#& calculator) in as prominent a spot as they could find. The right's institutions, while certainly mendacious, are a hell of a lot more focused than ours. The calculators, by the way, are a good example of what I was inarticulately arguing earlier about the political adeptness of policy organizations.

That's a Great Cartoon

via Josh Marshall , this cartoon says it all.