Ferrel Guillory

Ferrel Guillory is a senior fellow at MDC in Durham, North Carolina. He founded and directs the Program on Public Life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is a professor of the practice at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is a co-author of the State of the South series, as well as the book, The Carolinas: Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow.

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Report: South Urgently Needs an 'Infrastructure of Opportunity'

At the root of the uncertainty lies a pervasive doubt: whether the South can sustain the American Dream of each generation moving up and doing better than previous generations.

(AP Photo/The Ledger-Enquirer, Joe Paull)
The following is an excerpt from State of the South: Building an Infrastructure of Opportunity for the Next Generation , published by MDC, a non-profit organization in Durham, North Carolina, dedicated to "increasing educational attainment, connecting people to work that pays, and helping them get then resources they need to become successful," according to the group's mission statement. Here we present the report's introduction; in the coming weeks, The American Prospect website will publish the profiles of cities and towns throughout the South that comprise the full report ( PDF available here ). Five years after the Great Recession, the American South has emerged as a region divided. The great sweep of territory from the Potomac to the Rio Grande offers stark juxtapositions of bright hopes and deep distress and discontent. The South has both powerhouse cities, growing in jobs and population, and depressed towns and neighborhoods, where people seem stuck without prospect of upward...