Florence Graves

Florence George Graves, who founded Common Cause's political and investigative reporting magazine, is a Brandeis University resident scholar and a former Washington Post reporter.

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The Money Game

In the world of Washington insiders, you are either "a player" or "not a player." Republican fundraiser Peter Terpeluk is a player. Described by Jeffrey Birnbaum as "one of the nation's top money men," whose vocation is giving "strategic advice to those who needed favors from government, whether federal or local," here is Terpeluk hitting up Bob Grady, who was a "highly successful" San Francisco investment banker and top policy aide to President Bush: "Grady, what are you doing, man? You hit the trifecta, man. You're my richest friend. What is this? So you're not quite as rich as I thought you were?" The Bush folks, Terpeluk exudes, "are on fire down there [in Austin]. It's unbelievable. It's Reaganesque. It's Reaganesque. They're big-time guys. If I were you, I'd use your network around the country. Raise a hundred grand... . Listen, I'm telling you this as a friend, okay? It's going to separate you from everybody else... . " How could Grady turn down the opportunity to be a player?...