Frank D. Bean

Frank D. Bean is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Director, Center for Research on International Migration, University of California, Irvine.

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Ethnoracial Diversity: Toward a New American Narrative

It is folly to see America as divided into two groups, whites and nonwhites.

AP Photo/Jason E. Miczek
prospect-debates-icon.jpg This is a contribution to Prospect Debate: The Illusion of a Minority-Majority America . M any whites fear the prospect that minorities in the United States may become a majority in the not-too-distant future. Census Bureau population projections understating the size of the country’s white majority have made this prospect seem inevitable. Richard Alba shows , however, that because intermarriage between whites and the members of other groups is on the rise and their children may identify as white, the country may never have a minority majority. The integration of minorities not only brings people of different backgrounds together; it also leads many of them to see themselves as white. These processes follow in part from the increasing diversity resulting from immigration. Because diversity increases the odds that people of different backgrounds come into contact with one another, it erodes social boundaries. New research supports the view that intergroup...