Fred Redmond

Fred Redmond is international vice president (human affairs) of the United Steelworkers International Union. 

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TV Protests and King’s Wedge Strategy

Professional athletes protesting police violence toward blacks need Martin Luther King’s wedge strategy.

Ryan Kang via AP
Ryan Kang via AP Members of the Houston Texans kneel during the national anthem during an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks on October 29, 2017 I have never known a black man who was not regularly pulled over by police. Being African American myself, this has been my experience. It doesn’t matter that I am the vice president of a continent-wide organization; that I have friends who are police, lawyers, and judges; or that I drive a late model car. Harassment is real and it’s shameful. But it’s the deadly traffic stops that appear to be racially motivated murders that keep parents up at night fearful that a son or even a daughter may be the next victim. Ending racially motivated police brutality cannot succeed without the support of a broad swath of white Americans. Martin Luther King faced a similar challenge in his battle to end brutally enforced racial segregation. What stood in King’s way was the same thing that thwarts opponents of police brutality today: the racism...