Frederick Barton

Frederick D. Barton is co-director of the Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project, and a senior adviser in the International Security Program, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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Election Day

On Sunday, January 30, Iraqis will vote in an election that has been threatened by violence, potential boycotts, foreign influence peddling, and a complex electoral system. But what will they be voting on? Officially, Iraqis will cast their ballots for the 275 members of the transitional national assembly that will select its president and two vice presidents, plus draft a new constitution. But when the votes are finally counted in two weeks, critical questions will be left unresolved. Here are five things Iraqis won't be voting on -- but should be: The withdrawal of foreign troops . Iraqis should have a chance to vote on a referendum that would determine a departure date for foreign troops. The catch-22 evident in Iraq today -- a government unable to achieve legitimacy with U.S. forces in the country and unable to achieve security without our presence -- can only be resolved by the Iraqis themselves. Individual political leaders. Running for office in Iraq is a dangerous occupation;...