George Goehl

George Goehl is co-director of People's Action. 

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What’s Next for the Progressive Movement?

As Sanders’s presidential campaign nears its end, the “political revolution” he’s called for is just getting started.

Christopher Victorio for ImageSPACE/Sipa via AP Images
When Bernie Sanders announced that he was running for president last year, people didn’t expect much from the Vermont senator. The political establishment wrote him off and the pundits berated him—“ he’s a socialist for God’s sake .” Even die-hard progressives conceded his bid was a long shot. In the months since, Sanders has not only drawn record crowds, he’s earned more than 12 million votes and won 45 percent of pledged delegates. Far and away, he’s done better than any self-declared socialist in our nation’s history. And he funded it all by raising hundreds of millions of dollars in mostly small donations from everyday people. But the numbers only tell part of the story. Bernie Sanders has shifted the goal posts for the Democratic Party. From trade to wages, the environment to infrastructure, tuition-free college to health care for all, Sanders’s platform has raised expectations and electrified the nation. In the years...