Gerald Friedman

Gerald Friedman is professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts.

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The Critics of Sanders’s Health Plan Understate Benefits and Overstate Costs

This is a contribution to Prospect Debate: The Cost of Sanders's Single-Payer Health Plan . prospect-debates-icon.jpg In his article “The False Lure of the Sanders Single-Payer Plan,” Paul Starr is wrong about Senator Bernie Sanders’s improved “Medicare for All” plan, and wrong about single-payer health care, because he relies on a flawed analysis by Kenneth Thorpe. While Thorpe does not provide enough documentation to make an explicit comparison between his estimates and those provided in detail by the Sanders campaign, we can extract enough to conclude that his analysis relies on fundamentally flawed assumptions. To conclude that the Sanders health plan will cost $1.1 trillion more per year than estimated, Thorpe is assuming that national health expenditures over the next decade will total $51 trillion, or 21 percent of GDP. (This estimate is the sum of projected public spending for and outside of state Medicaid programs as well as Thorpe’s...