Greg Anrig

Greg Anrig, vice president of programs at The Century Foundation, is the author of The Conservatives Have No Clothes: Why Right-Wing Ideas Keep Failing (John Wiley & Sons).

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Social Security: The Next Generation

If your friends and colleagues seem entranced by George W. Bush's pitch for diverting Social Security payroll taxes into a collection of personal investment accounts, try snapping them out of it with the word "insurance." Social Security insures Americans against risks: disability, the death of a working spouse, inadequate pension coverage and savings, declining purchasing power during retirement, and outliving one's assets. No privately available insurance comes close to serving all those purposes. And private insurance and investment options soak up far more money for administration, marketing, and commissions than Social Security does. Viewed as insurance, Social Security remains a terrific deal for both retirees and workers--although it's a better deal for some Americans than others. Political leaders shy away from talking about social insurance as such--maybe because the suffix "ism" is too easily attached to "social." But Americans view Social...