Héctor Figueroa & Cristina Jiménez Moreta

Héctor Figueroa is the president of 32BJ Service Employees Internationa Union, the largest property service workers union in the country and one of the largest unions representing immigrant workers. Cristina Jiménez Moreta is the co-founder and executive director of United We Dream, the largest network of immigrant youth in the nation.


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Immigrants and Unions Make America Great

And they’re fighting back against Trump’s onslaught

(Doug Strickland/Chattanooga Times Free Press via AP)
Clara spends her days cleaning Miami office buildings on her hands and knees. Most days her back screams with pain, but the 47-year-old mother of a teenage son keeps working. She knows that her family depends on the union wages and benefits that she brings home. While Clara worries about her son getting into college and whether her car will make it to work, she does not have to worry that her employer will steal her wages, that she will lose her job for reporting sexual harassment, or that she could have her hours cut due to favoritism or prejudice. That’s because she has a union job that provides protection against the worst abuses many immigrant workers face. Clara and 400 of her Miami co-workers fought to join their union, 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union, even though it entailed a 17-day hunger strike. Immigrant workers like Clara and the unions that protect them face unprecedented attacks under the Trump administration. The Janus Supreme Court decision,...