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Justin Miller is a writing fellow for The American Prospect.

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At Democratic Convention, Bernie's Army Takes on a Life of its Own

(AP Images/John Minchillo)
dem_convention_icon.jpg On the eve of the Democratic Convention, Bernie Sanders’s army has split into two columns, marching in opposite directions. While the Bernie-or-Bust faction here at the convention still would like to stage floor fights or at least express their discontent volubly, Sanders will endeavor to talk them out of such actions at a 2 p.m. meeting today—two hours before the convention is called to order. His campaign also has put in place a whip operation on the convention floor to persuade his followers, if needs be, to cool it. “Bernie will talk with his delegates about how they can further the revolution in the states, running for office, putting together campaigns,” said one campaign adviser. “And he’ll encourage them to vote for Hillary in November.” Sanders, his lieutenants and the most of the more-experienced Sanders delegates believe, with good reason, that they’ve won considerable concessions from Hillary Clinton...