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Inside the Congressional Staff Meeting About Libra

Staffers challenge Facebook’s happy talk about its digital currency in a briefing.

on_background.jpg This is the first installment of On Background, a new series at The American Prospect . Ask any reporter covering Congress and they’ll tell you the real information lies with the legislative aides and staffers. You see them quoted as “a House Democratic aide” or “a Senate staffer” or “sources close to the situation” in articles. Nearly all staffers are not authorized to speak on the record; they typically give information “ on background ,” meaning you can use it but cannot quote the sources by name. Often their stories inform what’s really going on behind the scenes in Washington. The Prospect is trying to bridge that gap. On Background will feature unfiltered, vetted thoughts directly from congressional staffers about major issues of the day that you otherwise might not hear about at length. At its best, it will provide an understanding of how Washington really works. Our first edition of this series comes...