Ian Urbina

Ian Urbina is a Washington, D.C.-based free-lance journalist. He is working on a doctoral dissertation in history at the University of Chicago.

Recent Articles

Leveling Politics in the Green Mountain State

In June 1997, Vermont passed one of the most comprehensive campaign finance reform laws in the country, and the signing of the "clean election" bill was a generally festive occasion. Democratic Governor Howard Dean was on hand for congratulations and photos with the bill's main architect, Anthony Pollina, whom he enthusiastically dubbed Mr. Campaign Finance Reform. Little did Dean know that Pollina might make him the law's first casualty. The clean-election law not only offered public financing, but limited private donations. It thus portended a governor's race with a level financial playing field. The state's Progressive Party has mounted a serious blitz on Dean--and its candidate is none other than Anthony Pollina. With nearly 20 years of grass-roots organizing in the state, Pollina is a familiar face in Vermont progressive politics. "There's no doubt he can pull over a good number of liberal Democrats," says April Jin, longtime Vergennes Democratic Party chair who recently resigned...