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Would Raising the Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?

President Obama's proposal last night to raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $9 (from $7.25) is sure to rekindle the perennial debate about whether such an increase will stall hiring for low-skilled workers , or whether small businesses will be able to sustain their payrolls with higher wage requirements. The federal rate would increase in stages until 2015. After that, additional raises would be pegged to inflation. Administration officials believe this will increase pay for at least 15 million Americans , and possibly more, as those earning just over minimum wage would also likely see a bump. Many liberal groups like the National Employment Law Project praised the move. Spokeswoman Christine Owens told The New York Times “A higher minimum wage is key to getting the economy back on track for working people and the middle class." The White House further argued that the $1.75 increase in the minimum wage would be enough to offset nearly 10 to 20 percent of the increase in income...