James Comer

James P. Comer, M.D., is the Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale University's Child Study Center and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at Yale's School of Medicine.

He founded the Center's School Development Program in 1968.

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Schools That Develop Children

A merican schools are said to be failing. Like nineteenth-century medicine men, everybody is promoting everything, whether there is any evidence that it works or not. Over here we have vouchers, charters, privatization, longer school days, summer school, and merit pay. Over there we have the frequent testing of students, the testing of teachers, smaller class size, report cards on schools, and high-stakes accountability. And over here, a very special offer: student uniforms, flag-raising ceremonies every morning, the posting of the Ten Commandments on schoolhouse walls, and sophisticated diagnostic instruments to identify children at risk for acting violently--when many administrators and teachers can't even identify children who need glasses. Most of these "cures"--traditional and reform--can't work or, at best, will have limited effectiveness. They all are based on flawed models. We will be able to create a successful system of education nationwide only when we base everything we do...