James Wilson

James Q. Wilson is professor emeritus at the University of California-Los Angeles.

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Is the Marriage Debate Over?

In his new book, The Marriage Problem: How Our Culture Has Weakened Families , James Q. Wilson argues that "in much of the Western and Caribbean worlds, marriage is in trouble." Wilson reports that the results have been devastating, especially for children. He calls for cultural and institutional changes that would strengthen marriage. Meanwhile, in a recent edition of The American Prospect , Janet C. Gornick target="outlink">argued that feminists are not opposed to marriage, and that feminists and conservatives should be able to find some common ground. For example, both would like to strengthen fathers' ties to their children. Does this mean that the marriage debate is over? Or is there still substantial difference between liberal and conservative analyses of marriage? TAP asked Wilson and Gornick to discuss the matter in a series of exchanges: Janet C. Gornick: Round 1 | Round 2 James Q. Wilson: Round 1 | Round 2 Janet Gornick Round One : I was optimistic when I opened The...