Jared Bernstein & Lori Wallach

Jared Bernstein is a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. This article represents his own views, not CBPP’s.

Lori Wallach has been director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch since 1995.

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The New Rules of the Road: A Progressive Approach to Globalization

The new president needs a fresh approach to trade.

Scott Varley/ The Daily Breeze via AP, Pool, File
This article will appear in the Fall 2016 issue of T he American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . While political and media elites wonder why international trade has emerged as a top election issue this year, we were not surprised. Our question is more, “What took so long?” Obviously, the anti-establishment candidacies of Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump were instrumental in elevating the issue, but it is not hard to identify the energy source behind the current debate: The inherent inequities in the “trade” agreements pushed by the United States for the last 30 years have finally surfaced, and the voices of the people and the communities long hurt by those deals are finally being heard. The important question for progressives is, “What now?” How can we tap this moment such that we bring lasting change to an area of tremendous portent—globalization? Globalization isn’t going away . The first thing to realize is that, despite...