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The Andersen Tape

Are the corporate scandals the work of a few "bad apples" in an otherwise healthy business world, as President Bush asserts? Or do they spring from a "bad seed" that's sprouting corrupt practices all over the corporate landscape? A promotional video made by eight corporate executives on behalf of Arthur Andersen and aired on the British Broadcasting Company's Web site July 10 provides a test. With its clips of Vice President Dick Cheney testifying to the merits of the disgraced accounting firm, the tape made partisan hearts in Washington go pitter-pat. As Terry Neal reported for, Democratic strategists are dreaming of using a snippet from the tape in fall election ads. The White House, meanwhile, objected to Andersen's identifying of Cheney on tape as "vice president," and insisted that the tape had been made in 1996. In fact, the tape was produced for distribution no earlier than December 2000, after Bush and Cheney were elected. But even more interesting than the...

Gore in the Balance

For years infamous as the world's biggest garbage dump (and quite possibly the final resting place of Jimmy Hoffa), New Jersey's Meadowlands is once again home to burgeoning populations of wildlife. Eco-tourists now flock to this 32-square-mile tidal and freshwater estuary, located just five miles west of New York City. But the fate of the Meadowlands still hangs in the balance. Last spring the Clinton White House tentatively endorsed a draft state-federal plan that would permit the construction of a shopping mall on 90 acres of wetlands in the heart of the Meadowlands. If that policy stands--and sometime this spring five federal agencies, one state agency, and one local agency will jointly issue a plan that will determine its future--a stretch of marshy swamp that is now home to flounder, striped bass, harrier hawks, and blue herons, will soon be paved over to make way for a few oversized buildings and a great number of parked cars. Opponents of the proposed mall claim it would not...