Jennifer Stock & Geremy Schulick

Jennifer Stock is the 2019 recipient of the New England Review Award for Emerging Writers, and her essays have appeared in the Iowa Review, the Georgia Review, the Normal School, and others.  

Geremy Schulick is a Content Curator for Project Drawdown, an international coalition of researchers and scientists that have modeled a path to reverse global warming via 100 solutions.


Recent Articles

Yale's Endowment Won't Divest from Fossil Fuels. Here's Why That's Wrong.

Two climate activists and Yale alumni confront the arguments of Yale's chief investment officer, arguing that he must summon the moral clarity to end support for fossil fuel companies.

At my 15th Yale reunion, my husband Geremy and I attended a talk by the university’s chief investment officer, David Swensen. In the largest lecture room of Linsly-Chittenden Hall, stained-glass angels representing music, science, religion, and art beamed on Yale’s “eight-billion-dollar man” as he ascended the podium. Clad in a white suit blazoned with broad blue stripes, a Yale man’s outfit circa 1920, Swensen launched into a jaunty lecture about the Yale Model, his signature approach to endowment investing, which has yielded unparalleled 13 percent returns per annum over the past 30 years for the $29.4 billion endowment. The audience was made up of alumni working in finance, engaged in animated side-chatter about hedge funds. My husband and I, though, are climate activists, and we were there because we want Yale’s endowment, the second-largest in the world, to divest fully from its fossil fuel holdings. If it did, it would join cities like New...