Jon Rynn

Jon Rynn is a fellow at the CUNY Institute for Urban Systems. He is the author of Manufacturing Green Prosperity: The Power to Rebuild the American Middle Class

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What Else Could We Do with $1.9 Trillion?

If we spent that money on infrastructure rather than tax cuts for the rich, we would get better economic performance and more good jobs.

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson Replacing the old Tappan Zee Bridge: Hundreds of other bridges, tunnels, and rail lines are outmoded. All it takes is public funds. This article appears in the Summer 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here . For almost 40 years, we have been living through Republican experiments with a theory of economic growth: Give tax cuts to the top and they will reward the middle and the bottom with new job-creating investments that also generate ever-greater tax revenues. In the latest tax cut, now expected to cost $1.9 trillion over a decade, it’s already clear that corporations are not spending their windfall on new investments but mainly on stock buybacks. Since about 2012, buybacks by corporations exceeded their investment in productive assets, and the trend is getting worse. If that $1.9 trillion tax cut were spent instead on infrastructure, the positive effects would ripple through the economy. Virtually all of the money would be...