Jonathan Eig

Jonathan Eig is a senior editor at Chicago magazine. He is a former reporter for the Dallas Morning News and the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

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Eyes on the Street: Community Policing in Chicago

It's now the favorite remedy for urban crime, but a visit to the front lines in Chicago suggests how hard it is to make community policing work.

O fficer Patti Black is driving down Lowe Street on a gorgeous day in one of the nation's most dismal neighborhoods. The neighborhood is Englewood, the city is Chicago. In a small park on one side of Lowe Street, children armed with crab apples are playing war, chasing each other around the park, pausing to pick up more crab apples, then chasing each other again. Across the street, however, a scream of terror rises from a row of federally subsidized apartments as Officer Black passes on routine patrol. A 17-year-old girl runs out of a building, blood dripping from her arm, and chases down the squad car. "My momma and my sister jumped me . . . and beat me . . . with a broom . . . and I'm pregnant," she says between gasps for air. Officer Black, a decorated cop and a strong proponent of the city's new community policing initiative, gets out of her car to talk to the young woman. She calms the girl down, gets more details on the domestic crisis, and asks the teen to think about whether...