Joseph Turow

Joseph Turow is Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School For Communication. One of his recent books is Breaking Up America: Advertisers and the New Media World.

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Is the AOL-Time Warner merger safe for democracy?

America Online and Time Warner have announced that AOL will buy Time Warner to form a mega Internet/ cable/ publishing/ moviemaking/ television/ music empire. The merger is the biggest in history. The American Prospect Online has asked several distinguished experts to answer the question: "Is the AOL-Time Warner merger safe for democracy?" Joseph Turow: The AOL-Time Warner combination does not mark an apocalyptic end to the possibility for wide-ranging opinions on the Web. Even when (and if) the merger goes through, millions of Web sites espousing a wide range of ideologies will continue to exist. One part of the Internet will always be a realm for people who want to connect with others, trade ideas, share suggestions. But the proposed merger announces quite loudly what has actually been clear for some time: Corporate forces are moving quickly to become the highest-profile players on the Internet, carrying with them a commercial culture that will permeate the most trafficked parts of...