Jules Bernstein

Jules Bernstein is a labor lawyer with the firm of Bernstein & Lipsett, and was counsel for the Postal Workers union in 1970.

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How to Make Sure Federal Workers Won’t Go Unpaid Ever Again

Legislation could ensure this fiasco won’t be repeated.

In March 1970, 250,000 postal workers went out on strike because Congress
 was refusing to enact legislation that would give them a long overdue raise. Many postal workers were then receiving welfare to supplement their extremely low wages. At the time, Congressional legislation was the only way that postal workers could get a raise, but because of Congressional wrangling over the structure of the Postal Service, action on postal wages was stalled. Led by militant rank and file leaders in New York City, the letter carriers, postal clerks, mail handlers and other postal workers hit the bricks in a wildcat strike that soon spread all across the nation, so that postal service was stalled completely. As federal employees, the postal workers were denied the right to strike, and President Richard Nixon both implored and threatened the strikers to go back to work at pain of fines, imprisonment, and job loss—all to no avail. Nixon then called on federal troops to sort and deliver...

Trump Trashes the Constitution. So Where Are the Lawyers?

Bar associations condemned Nixon during Watergate. Why are those organizations silent today?

When the history of Donald Trump’s presidency is written, and the historians ask, “Where were the lawyers?” the answer must not be, “silent.” They were not silent during Watergate and they must not be silent now. As during Watergate, we once again have a president who issues self-serving professions of innocence, while, like President Nixon, he seeks simultaneously to frustrate and undermine the governmental entities charged with investigating his wrongdoing and that of his cohorts. In so doing Trump has unabashedly employed the power and influence of his office to attempt to discredit his own Justice Department and the FBI to his own advantage. In his first 15 months as president, Trump has convincingly demonstrated his contempt, abhorrence and lack of respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, as well as for the office of president. That’s clear from his sacking of FBI Director James Comey; his repeated lying to the public and press; his...