Kay Steiger

Kay Steiger is managing editor at Raw Story and a former Prospect editorial assistant.

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REMEMBER THE REED . The interesting thing about this ongoing Walter Reed story is that veterans services are finally taking the center stage after years of low-profile status. A spot on the Veterans Affairs Committee is something to be sought, especially if you're from a moderate district. This is one instance of investigative journalism actually bringing an issue to the forefront. What's more, the story didn't just get someone fired (as good investigative journalism is wont to do), it also managed to bring attention to the fact that military hospital conditions around the nation are often sub-par, and open the door to a wider range of veterans issues. This is where moderate Democrats go to work: There's a sentimental feeling about veterans. Most folks believe that, because they risked their lives, they deserve good treatment once they get home. So Dems need to start loudly decrying the poor work of the Bush administration, passing reform rules, and increasing funding for veterans...


NOT FUNNY. Jesse Singal over at Campus Progress has a smart critique of the "comedy" presented on Fox News' half-hearted attempt to mimic the success of Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart . It's not surprising that the conclusion is that conservatives just aren't funny. Even the name -- The 1/2 Hour News Hour -- seems ... well, lame. -- Kay Steiger


IF KIDS COULD VOTE ... The Children's Defense Fund started a faux presidential campaign supporting a 10-year-old girl named Suzie Flynn for president. The press stunt is largely targeted at drawing attention to funding cuts for the state program called SCHIP, the State Children's Health Insurance Program. It's currently scheduled to expire in September, and governors have gathered testimony from mothers around the country to support federal funding for the program. -- Kay Steiger


HOLY SON OF JESUS. Oscar award-winning director James Cameron is working on a new documentary that focuses on the tomb of the alleged son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. No doubt that Christians around the world will be up in arms about it. The subject of debate is located near Jerusalem. More religious tension in the Middle East is surely exactly what we need. -- Kay Steiger


MORE RAPE ALLEGATIONS IN IRAQ. Yet another woman has come forward with rape allegations against Iraqi security forces. Four soldiers allegedly raped the 50-year-old Sunni woman and attempted to rape her two daughters in Tal Afar. The fifth soldier, standing guard outside, came in and held his fellow soldiers at gunpoint to make them stop. The four soldiers have confessed. Rape is an ugly and increasingly better-documented part of war. And our continued military involvement in Iraq isn't going to protect these women. -- Kay Steiger