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Kay Steiger is managing editor at Raw Story and a former Prospect editorial assistant.

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IF ONLY I LIVED IN SWEDEN. The World Economic Forum recently released its Global Gender Gap Report for this year. The United States ranked 22 on the list. Although it (barely) ranked above countries like Tanzania, it fell short of South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Croatia. What really hurt women in the rankings were what the report called "educational attainment" and "political empowerment." Women are becoming the majority of undergraduate students at universities and colleges around the nation, but women still make up only about a quarter of professors nationwide. As for political empowerment, women have long made up the minority in decision-making power structures of government. The representation of women at the highest levels of influence are scarce. I think this harks back to what Ezra and Dana had to say about the topic of women putting themselves at the forefront of politics. Why women feel restrained in the United States from participating in politics is a topic for futher...


CANCEL THE APPOINTMENT. The Department of Health and Human Services is now defending Eric Keroack as an appointee to lead federal family planning groups based on Keroack's private practice as an OB-GYN, during which he prescribed birth control to patients. Keroack has a record of working for Christian family planning centers that dissuade women from abortions and birth control. Moreover, he "inadvertently" let his OB-GYN certification expire in the last year at the same time that HHS officials have been touting that credential as evidence of his suitability. --Kay Steiger


TRIAL IN ERROR. Today, Human Rights Watch released a report on the legal and procedural failings of Saddam Hussein's trial. It's not a shocker -- the trial didn't follow standard rules: regular failure to disclose key evidence, including exculpatory evidence, to the defense in advance; � violations of the defendants� basic fair trial right to confront witnesses against them; � lapses of judicial demeanor that undermined the apparent impartiality of the presiding judge; and important gaps in evidence that undermine the persuasiveness of the prosecution case, and put in doubt whether all the elements of the crimes charged were established. For most interested parties, of course, the outcome was more important than the trial itself. --Kay Steiger...


UGLY FACE. Noy 's review of Iraq in Fragments conveys the power of wartime images -- images that usually aren't pretty. This week, the Post offered an excellent snapshot of the lasting effects of the Vietnam War, depicting vivid images of children who suffer from the remnants of toxic Agent Orange. The images of deformed children have stayed with me since I saw the photographs earlier this week. One somehow doubts that the president is getting much exposure to these human testaments to war's horror on his current visit to Vietnam. Meanwhile, the public consensus has shifted against the Iraq war, and that country will bear the scars for a long time, much as Vietnam still does. Many of the depictions of Iraq on American media have been rightfully criticized for being overly sanitized. To a certain degree, sites like YouTube and other Internet resources have helped to break down those barriers and bring harsher (and more telling) imagery to the surface. But of course the public never...


FIRST WOMEN. As an addendum to Addie 's post , the first woman was elected as chief justice of the Supreme Court in Alabama . --Kay Steiger