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Kyle Winslow is an editorial intern at the Prospect.

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Art, Nature, and Industry

TAP talks to Lynn de Freitas of Friends of Great Salt Lake and Nancy Holt, artist Robert Smithson's widow, about the proposed drilling near Smithson's famous earth art sculpture, Spiral Jetty.

See related article, No Art for Oil by Kriston Capps How will the proposed drilling specifically affect Spiral Jetty? Lynn de Freitas: This is a very intrusive kind of presence -- for the viewshed, for the landscape due to that sense of noise and light and dust -- that has far-reaching implications. To the extent that the visual impact is great or subtle, it's there, and what we don't know is what it will be like when drilling begins. What we also don't know but can probably presume is that, if this phase of exploration goes forward, there will be other leases that come forward for approval to drill. On the Friends of Great Salt Lake (FGSL)Web site and also in Kriston Capps's article , it was noted that a couple thousand protest emails and phone calls have been received by the Utah Governor's Office. Have these inquiries reflected both environmental concerns and the concerns of the art community? Nancy Holt: I think that the Governor's Office was quite taken back with the thousands of...

A Problem for Gamblers

In states that fail to adequately fund treatment and counseling programs, people with gambling addictions have few places to turn.

Problem gamblers who seek counseling services in Colorado have the odds against them. An estimated 5 percent of the state's 4.3 million people are problem gamblers, and those who seek help in curbing their compulsive habits are restricted to a menu of around eight service providers, none of which is allocated funding in the state budget. A lack of state funding for problem gambling services not only leaves behind the financial and social concerns of the problem gambler's family, but also denies problem gamblers treatment and potential problem gamblers prevention programs and problem gambling education. Existing problem gambling services -- comprised of private practice addiction counselors and services funded by individual casino and donor contributions -- are incapable of reaching most of those in need. While Colorado is not the only state without problem gambling funding, it is in the minority: about 37 of the 43 states with legalized gambling already provide some kind of problem...


Turns out that rumor Dana mentioned about "some kids" setting up camp outside American University six hours before doors opened for the Obama rally was true: at five this morning, I was third in line . And I did end up shaking his hand. Some local television stations that were not permitted inside instead interviewed and filmed the long line of students and Obama supporters lying and rallying on the sidewalks around Bender Arena (one man insisted the line stretched for at least a mile). Maybe most indicative of the buzz surrounding Obama's campaign was the fact that the two girls in front of me were College Republicans, one (unsurprisingly) from Obama's home state of Illinois, and the other from upstate New York. --Kyle Winslow