Lauren Jacobs

Lauren Jacobs is executive director of the Partnership for Working Families, a national network of 19 affiliated organizations driving a progressive agenda to harness the power of cities for change in our regions and leveraging that influence at the state and national levels. The Partnership recently launched a national campaign called We Make This City to take back control of our cities from corporations. 

Recent Articles

Challenges to Corporate Power Are on the Ballot­

Ballot measures don’t often earn much attention nationally, but such statewide initiatives are arduous to launch. They require an incredible investment in advertising and boots-on-the-ground organizing. And almost always, progressive measures face deep-pocketed corporate opposition. In spite of these incredible odds, several states are moving forward with ballot questions on a diverse range of issues from housing and the environment to sexual violence . Next week Californians will weigh in on Proposition 10 which would repeal a real-estate developer-funded state pre-emption law on housing that dates back to the 1990s and the administration of Republican Governor Pete Wilson. State pre-emption is a perfect example of a complicated concept—one that often carries the taint of racism—that has enormous local ramifications. In an effort to prevent further regulation of the housing and the environment sectors, many corporations have relied on largely white state...