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Affirmative Action at Berkeley

We continue the debate on affirmative action in response to Karen Paget's "Diversity at Berkeley: Demogoguery or Demography" (TAP, Spring 1992) and Paul Starr's "Civil Reconstruction: What to Do Without Affirmative Action" (TAP, Winter 1992) ADMISSIONS OMISSIONS BY LEWIS R. JONES T he University of California at Berkeley is one of the most selective large public universities in the country. This is true whether one measures selectivity by the average quality of the student body or by the proportion of applicants admitted. In recent years, UC Berkeley has also become a symbol of the nation's supposed future, as less than one-half the freshmen admitted each year, for the last several years, have been non-Hispanic white. The media has attributed this phenomenon to changing demographics. However, simple population dynamics fail to explain most of the enrollment statistics. Most of the change is attributable to affirmative action policies designed to be inclusive of members of groups who...