Louis Dubose

Louis Dubose is the co-author (with Molly Ivins) of Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush. As editor of The Texas Observer, he reported on Mexico for 13 years.

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El Governador

Is Hispanic support for George W. Bush a genuine political phenomenon—or a case of targeted campaign spending run riot?

In early October, exactly one month before the 1998 general election, Texas gubernatorial candidate Garry Mauro boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from El Paso to Austin and took a seat at the back of the cabin. Soon after the plane was in the air, a flight attendant announced that the flight crew wanted to recognize "a special person flying with us today."Mauro, a lifetime politician four times elected to statewide office and wrapping up his third statewide campaign, set aside the newspaper he was reading and looked up expectantly in time to see the flight attendant walk to the middle of the cabin to sing "Happy Birthday."Mauro's birthday is in February. He joined the chorus singing to a fellow traveler who was probably having a better day than he was. That the Democratic candidate for governor of Texas was flying solo- and unnoticed- on Southwest after a campaign event said as much as any poll did about how Democrats would fare a month later. In November Mauro would win only 31...