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Maggie Gallagher is an affiliate scholar at the Institute for American Values, based in New York, and the author of The Case for Marriage and two other books. Her syndiacted column can be found at

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Family Feud

A reply to "Family Values, The Sequel," May-June 1997.

A Reply to Arlene Skolnick, " Family Values: The Sequel ," May-June 1997 I n " Family Values: The Sequel ," Arlene Skolnick raises two important questions. First, is the trend toward family fragmentation—understood as a steady decline in the proportion of children growing up with their two parents—a harmful one? And second, should progressives and other people of goodwill seek to reverse this trend? Skolnick's answer to the first question hovers somewhere between "maybe" and "probably not." Much of her essay is a defense of the idea that, from a child's perspective, divorce and unwed child bearing are not so bad after all—or at least not as bad as some people (like the two of us) say, and certainly not as bad as some other bad things, such as unemployment, low income, or parents who squabble or are unhappy. Her answer to the second question is a flat "no": "We [liberals] should have no part of efforts to hold children hostage to a narrow definition of family that...