Manuel Pastor & Chris Benner

Manuel Pastor is director of the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at the University of Southern California, and author of State of Resistance: What California’s Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America’s Future. 

Chris Benner is director of the Institute for Social Transformation, and a professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies, at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Recent Articles

How America’s Bluest State Can Be a Model for the Other 49

A 12-step program for the California economy—and maybe America’s

In the 2018 “blue wave” that flipped the House of Representatives, California flipped the most. Of the seven target congressional races in the state, all seven were won by Democrats. Orange County—a key launching pad for the anti-government ideologies of the modern Republican Party—will now be represented in Congress entirely by Democrats. Democrats also won every statewide office and will enjoy super-majorities—sufficient to pass tax legislation—in both state houses. (They’ll hold at least 60 of the 80 Assembly seats and 29 of the 40 in the Senate.) Golden State progressives may be permitted a brief moment – well, maybe a long weekend – of celebration. After all, the state that gave the nation Ronald Reagan, tax-cutting frenzy, and anti-immigrant hysteria now seems to have a Democratic advantage locked-in; even longtime GOP leader and consultant Mike Madrid has said about the state Republican party, “ It’s dead...