Martin Garbus

Martin Garbus is a longtime civil-liberties lawyer. His most recent book is Courting Disaster.

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A Hostile Takeover

If you want to understand the systematic nature of the right's takeover of American public life, consider the Federalist Society. During the first Bush presidency and less than a decade after its founding in 1982, the society had already gained control of the process of vetting federal judicial appointees. By 2001 the Federalists were so dominant that George W. Bush simply eliminated the longstanding role in the evaluation of prospective judges by the resolutely centrist American Bar Association (ABA), whose ratings had long kept extremists and incompetents off the bench. Today the Federalists have more influence in judicial-selection than the ABA ever had. The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies was begun by a small group of radically conservative University of Chicago law students -- Steven Calabresi, David McIntosh and Lee Liberman Otis -- who had been undergraduates together at Yale University. Harvard law student and future U.S. Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-Mich.),...