Marylin Moon

Marilyn Moon is a health economist and senior fellow at the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C.

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Can Medicare Survive Its Saviors?

Turning Medicare into a voucher program would make it a dwindling basis of security in old age.

It is now an open question whether Medicare will provide adequate health coverage to the baby-boom generation as it begins turning 65 just over a decade from now. The source of uncertainty is not whether America has the resources to sustain the program; we do. The real challenge comes instead from proposals to save Medicare. Far from preserving its benefits, the major restructuring proposals under discussion would radically alter the principles on which Medicare rests and erode the protection it affords. The enactment of Medicare in 1965 reflected political support for three fundamental principles regarding health care for the elderly. We decided then that insurance is the right way to spread the risk to the elderly of sizable health care costs, that redistributing income through the tax system is necessary to make that insurance affordable and universal, and that the insurance and taxes are best administered by the federal government if the system is to serve all of the elderly...