Maurice BP-Weeks, Stephen Lerner, Joseph A. McCartin, & Marilyn Sneiderman

Maurice BP-Weeks is Co-Executive Director of the Action Center on Race and the Economy; Marilyn Sneiderman is Executive Director of the Center for Innovation in Worker Organization at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations; Stephen Lerner is a fellow at Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor, which is directed by Joseph A. McCartin.

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Before the Chalk Dust Settles: Building on the 2018 Teachers’ Mobilization

By bargaining for and with the larger community, teachers are reinventing collective bargaining.

AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki Marchers cheer as they cross the finish line at the Oklahoma State Capitol after marching 110 miles from Tulsa, as protests continue over school funding “ Why are we walking?” asked Alicia Priest, president of the Oklahoma Education Association. “There are 700,000 reasons why: our students. And they deserve better. … They see broken chairs in class, outdated textbooks that are duct taped together, and class sizes that have ballooned.” While labor’s overall circumstances are certainly dire, we’re at an exciting time of renewed energy in the labor movement. Leading the way this time around are the teachers of West Virginia and Oklahoma (with teachers in Kentucky and Arizona not far behind). All of these states, like most of the country, have seen systematic defunding of public services, and nowhere is that pain felt more than in the classroom. School funding has been shown to improve the outcomes not only for individual students but also for the overall community...