Max Moran

Max Moran is a research assistant at the Revolving Door Project.


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Google Is Like Facebook—but a Lot Smarter

Unlike Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Google knows how to wield soft power to avoid estranging Democrats.

Big Tech is facing an overdue crisis, but not all Big Tech companies are created equal. It’s useful to compare and contrast two of the biggest players at the center of these investigations: Facebook and Google. Both have received constant negative press for the last few years, ranging from the stories on the Cambridge Analytica bombshell to Google’s non-stop internal chaos . Both received slaps on the wrist from the Federal Trade Commission, but both are now facing federal and state-level antitrust investigations. Yet only one has become a full-blown bad guy to the Democratic party. In July, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown declared that “ Facebook is dangerous ” when Congress rightly came down hard on its proposed cryptocurrency, Libra. Two weeks later, however, former President Barack Obama happily cavorted at a Google conference in Sicily . The Google-Obama romance is nothing new—he granted the company famously easy access to his White House —and there...