Micah Escobedo

Micah Escobedo is an editorial intern at The American Prospect.

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I Have Seen the Future, and It's 'Wisdom Journalism'

A new book argues it's no longer enough for journalists simply to transmit information.

Despite plummeting subscription rolls at the nation’s newspapers, thanks to the Internet the actual consumption of news is higher than it’s ever been. But expanded access has also made news a cheaper commodity and undermined journalism’s traditional economic model. In light of the change, New York University professor Mitchell Stephens argues that journalists need to do more than simply transmit information; they have to have a value added. In Beyond News: The Future of Journalism , Stephens, who teaches at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, advocates for what he calls “wisdom journalism.” The Prospect sat down with Stephens to talk about what he means by this. You say “ wisdom journalism ” is the key to journalism ’ s future. What is “ wisdom journalism ” ? There was 150-year period—a century and a half, give or take a decade—in which it was possible to make a big business out of selling news...