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Computer Clubhouses in the Inner City: Access Is Not Enough

A new kind of learning community shows how children from any neighborhood can become "technologically fluent."

At the clubhouse, I work with Lakesha. She is a mentor which means she knows a lot about computers. When she is not at the clubhouse, she is an engineer. She shows me how to do lots of fun things with computers like controlling LEGO robots. I want to learn about engineering in college. —Latoya Perry, age 13 Illustration by J. T. Morrow The New Media and Learning With this issue we inaugurate a series of articles on the new media and learning, drawn from a conference sponsored by The American Prospect on June 4th at the MIT Media Laboratory . The aim of the conference and the series is to explore whether the new technologies offer genuine promise for improvements in learning or are merely a diversion from the real problems of education, and to ask what approaches to policy and the new technologies hold the most promise. In addition to the authors of articles in this issue, the conference featured: Congressman Edward Markey of Massachusetts on why the Federal Communications Commission...